Teaching Background


Autumn 2018 - Present

City University of New York, Hostos Community College

"Shakespearean Cultural Legacies," English Department

"Shakespeare, the Man, and His Workes," English Department

"Reading and Writing Skills and Composition," English Department

"Writing Skills and Composition," English Department

"Reading Skills and Composition," English Department

Autumn 2016 - Spring 2018

The Ohio State University, Mansfield

“Early Modern Globalism: The Theater of the World,” English Department
“Shakespeare and the Renaissance,” English Department
“British Literature, Medieval to 1800,” English Department
“The Early Novel and the ‘Invention’ of Fiction,” English Department
“Magic and the Supernatural for a Realist Age,” (British Literature, 1800-Present) English Department
“Romance Literature: The Fantasy and the Fandom,” English Department
“American Sci-fi: The Utopian Ideal,” (Second-Year Composition, Literature Focus) English Department
“Gothic Ghosts,” English Department
“Scandalous Shakespeare,” English Department
“The Fallacious Argument,” (First-Year Composition) English Department

Autumn 2017

Otterbein University

“Shakespeare in Context,” English Department
“Legends, Fairy Tales, and Other ‘Nonsense,’” English Department

Autumn 2011-Spring 2016

The Ohio State University, Columbus

“Introduction to Western Drama: The Essential Plays,” English Department
Introduction to Shakespeare, English Department (2 sections)
Special Topics in Literature, “#ChivalryIsNotDead,” English Department
“Marketing the Argument,” English Enrichment Course, Young Scholars Program, Office of Diversity and Inclusion (3 sections)
“Literary Dystopias,” Second Year Composition, Literature Focus, English Department (2 sections)
“The Rhetoric of Satire,” First Year Composition, English Department (3 sections)

Summer 2013-Autumn 2015

The University of Rio Grande

Composition II (3 sections, online)
Composition I (online)
Reading and Writing, English Department
Composition II, English Department (2 sections)

What I Do


  • Shakespeare and Renaissance literature

  • comparative literature and drama, Middle Ages to Present

  • digital pedagogy

  • empire, literature, and postcolonialism

At every level, my courses uncover the powerful crossing of history, culture, and literature. As a scholar-educator, I am interested in thematic courses that in various ways answer the question, what should literature should do? I am interested in how art cuts across larger historical movements. When I teach drama, for example, I emphasize that Shakespeare and his contemporaries did not compose within clearly defined parameters, but rather adapted earlier models to suit their purposes. These playwrights tested the didactic potential of theater while simultaneously questioning its representational limits. My courses focus on these ambiguities and invite students to personally interpret how writers and artists view the world and why their views matter.