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  • Shakespeare, Golden Age, and Renaissance literature

  • comparative literature and drama, Middle Ages to Present

  • empire and romance literature

  • composition theory and instruction, teaching to diverse populations, zero cost materials

Teaching Shakespeare in this era is a great privilege and responsibility. This traditionally elite material—the idol of empire—has the potential to alienate students experiencing various conditions of precarity, especially when an uncompromising course design denies them necessary intellectual safeguards. For more information on how I tailor my Shakespeare instruction to underserved and marginalized student populations, check out my recent book chapter, "Teaching Shakespeare at an Urban Public Community College: An Equity-Driven Approach," in Situating Shakespeare Pedagogy in US Higher Education: Social Justice and Situational Contexts, Marissa Greenberg and Elizabeth Williamson, eds. (Edinburgh University Press, 2024), 62-76. To read the chapter, click here. To read the complete, open access edited collection, click here.


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